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About Us!

About our network and our purpose
ChatSpace is a newly created network and aims to be a homeplace for chatters that want to enjoy their time.

Our network was created on June 2016 and its purpose is to be a general content chat network.

We are using InspIRCd IRC Server Software and Xtheme IRC Services (Special thanks to siniStar from and Xtheme project for all his support)

To visit us using mIRC or another client use the link below.

Chat Using A Client

  • We are a 100% user friendly network . Our staff is here to help you at any time either on IRC or using our support system (Support link on the top menu) or via email (

  • Though it may seem as it doesn't have to be said, our network depends 100% on our users and we focus 100% to satisfying them. We offer new services constantly (Read the Services menu on top)

Our Staff

These are the people who give their time for you to enjoy a nice chatting enviroment


Network Founder, Services Root Administrator, Website Manager
Regnabo, Regno, Regnavi, Sum sine regno


Network CoFounder, Services Root Administrator
God forgives … I punish!

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