November 21, 2017


Here are the rules of the channel #ChatSpace on ChatSpace:

  • Nicknames that are offensive like nicknames that include sexual content are not allowed.
  • No sexual content is allowed.
  • No advertising of other chat or websites except youtube,wikipedia and such  and the website of ChatSpace is allowed.
  • No giving out personal data in the channel (f.example names, email, phone numbers etc).
  • No flooding.
  • No repeating.
  • The allowed languages in the channel are greek and english.
  • No racist content against people, countries, races, religions etc. Everyone is welcome in the channel as long as they do not cause trouble.
  • No discussions about politics, religion or sports issues to a point that can lead to fighting and/or trouble.
  • No swearing or insulting other users and/or channel operators
  • In accordance to the rule above harrassment of users in the channel is not allowed. In privates the channel operators do NOT interfere. (If you are beeing harrassed in private use the 2 ignore commands /ignore nickname or /silence +nickname). Pease also when a channel operator tells you that your chat content is not acceptable or causes complaints from other users, respect it.
  • Please avoid usage of capital letters. It is considered shouting
  • Finally please do not “instruct” channel operators on how to do their job. They are in this position because they know what to do when someone is disturbing the channel.

For any comments/suggestions please feel free to email us at