January 1, 2017


User Policy (Terms Of Service)

ChatSpace.gr offers services of internet chatting in real time

People using these services should follow and respect the rules of common courtesy and not express any illegal immoral or harrassing comments. ChatSpace.gr does NOT in any way embrace the various views or comments that are beeing expressed in the chatrooms hosted on the website and its chat servers.

Also ChatSpace.gr is not in ANY WAY responsible for ANY damage to your personal computer or any medium used to connect to our chatrooms (for example mobile phone or tablet). Connecting is done under your OWN RESPONSIBILITY.

ChatSpace.gr and its moderators/administrators can and will remove any user who does not follow the rules listed below:

  • Usage of our services is NOT allowed by people below the age of 17. For people at the ages 17-18 parental consent is required. If a user is using our services and for example registers in our forums on his own will the ChatSpace.gr and its administrators/owners are automatically relieved of any responsibility
  • No racist,harrassing or in any way offensive comments are allowed on the network owned chatrooms.
  • No form of spamming (Sending URLs with purpose to advertise or disfame) as well as any form of private information and pasting of a private conversation without the consent of all people implicated is allowed.
  • Trafficing of pornographic or copyrighted material is NOT allowed. The moderators/owners of ChatSpace.gr are of no responsibility as private conversations are not logged or in any way controlled.

The administrators can under their judgement forbid the usage of the network to any user at any given time.

Any communication is done under the responsibility of the people implicated and under no circumstances can the administrators/owners be held responsible.

You are bound NOT to express opinions or send messages that harrass or offend your co-talker or the law. Furthermore if your co-talker wishes to terminate the conversation with you that should happen IMMEDIATELY.

When the terms of service (policy as stated here) are violated the moderators and owners of the website and the chatrooms are relieved of ANY responsibility. Any usage of the chatrooms or any part of the chatspace.gr website for illegal purposes gives the right to the administrators/owners to cooperate with the authorities on any research.

When you register your nickname on the chatrooms or any part of this website it is best to use a hard-to-guess password. DO NOT give your password to ANYONE even if he claims to be a moderator/adminstrator/owner. NONE of the people mentioned will ever ask for your password. If you notice an unauthorised usage of your nickname please send an email to the support email admins@ChatSpace.gr

We also inform that the dangers when contacting unknown individuals whose intentions are not known are still here.Chatng should be done with a sense of control and not in any way replace our real lives. The administrators and owners of ChatSpace.gr and of the chatrooms hosted on our website can NOT know the real information of any member/user of the chatrooms/site and also can NOT interfere or monitor the communication and activity between members/users. Keeping that in mind they are relieved with the current statement of ANY legal demand and request (civil suit,sue or demand for money due to copyright).