January 1, 2017

Nickname Registration

Nickname Registration On ChatSpace


To register your nickname on our network the procedure is quite simple and of course free.

It is split in 3 steps


1. Choosing a nickname

You can select your nickname before entering chat. If you haven’t done so use the following command


/nick nickname


where nickname, is your desired nickname.


2. Registration of your nickname on NickServ.

Using the command:


/ns register password email


we set our desired password and our contact email.

If for example the nick we chose is OnlyMe and our email is onlyme@mypersonalmail.com and password we chose mypassword the syntax would be:


/ns register mypassword onlyme@mypersonalmail.com


Instantly we will receive a notice from NickServ saying:

-NickServ- An email containing nickname activation instructions has been sent to onlyme@mypersonalmail.com.
-NickServ- If you do not complete registration within one day, your nickname will expire.
-NickServ- OnlyMe is now registered to onlyme@mypersonalmail.com, with the password mypassword.


3. Confirming your email

After you receive this notice go to your email account and you will have an email from the address: services@chatspace.gr (Check SPAM too please!) with the following text:



In order to complete your account registration, you must type the following
command on IRC:
/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Giorgos seovivoqdvql
Thank you for registering your account on the ChatSpace IRC network!


From this mail we take the command noted there and we keep the part where it says VERIFY REGISTER Giorgos seovivoqdvql

Then we go on irc and we give the command using the following format WITHOUT forgetting the / :


/ns VERIFY REGISTER OnlyMe seovivoqdvql


Instantly you will get this notice:


-NickServ- OnlyMe has now been verified.
-NickServ- Thank you for verifying your e-mail address! You have taken steps in ensuring that your registrations are not exploited.

After these steps your nick is registered to you and noone else can use it.

When you open the webchat page after these steps please give the password you set.

For any help join our help channel ( /join #Help )


NOTE: Nickname registrations are for 30 days only. This means that if you DO NOT IDENTIFY your nickname in 30 days it will expire.