January 1, 2017




UIN stands for United IRC Networks. It is a collaboration between IRC Networks from around the world that share their chatrooms with sole purpose to unite users and provide a variety of chatrooms for the users to join even if they do not use the same IRC Software (IRCd).

Started on October 2016 by siniStar and tabb the IRC Administrators of the IRC4Fun Network and George the IRC Administrator of ChatSpace Network, UIN hopes to stay alive for many years to come as IRC is still considered by many of its members as a medium that may suffer blows by the rise of social media but will never die.


As of 16th November 2016 the networks that participate in the UIN are:

  • IRC4Fun (Home Network of the UIN)
  • ChatSpace
  • UKChatBox
  • AppliedIRC
  • TrivialityZone
  • KampungChat

In the section News you can find news about the UIN such as new network additions and departures, new modules and features and changes in the way UIN operates.


For ANY form of help please visit the channel #UIN no matter which network of UIN you are using or if you are not in a network that participates in the UIN use the webchat that will connect you to the support channel (Section WebChat under UIN on top menu)


The official home page of the UIN is here: https://www.irc4fun.net/uin/ where you can find ALL information regarding UIN as well as documentation and the application should you want to join us.


UIN Team